Team Members

Manage your StatusPal status page team members to give them access to specific status pages or at the organization's level.

Two levels of membership

StatusPal offers two distinct levels of team membership, enabling you to organize your teams with the granularity you require.

Status page level members

These members have access to a specific status page and are managed via the Members link in the sidebar of your status page admin dashboard.

Organization-level members

These members have access to all the status pages within an organization, as well as the settings of the organization itself, depending on the team member's role. You can manage the organization-level memberships via the Members link in the sidebar of your organization's admin section.


The following roles are available in StatusPal memberships:

  • Editor: Members with this role can create and update incidents, maintenance, and information notices.

  • Admin: These members can fully manage status pages but not delete them.

  • Owner: These members can fully manage a status page or organization, depending on what level the membership is.

  • Billing: These members can list and download invoices for your organization. This role is only available at the organization level.

  • Viewer: This is a special role that doesn't allow for managing status pages, only for viewing and subscribing to private status pages. Members with this role won't reduce your number of team member seats. Instead, you have the same number of viewer seats as you have subscriptions in your billing plan.

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