Configure a "status hub" or showcase your company's SaaS provider's status on your status page.

Find the Dependencies page under Services > Dependencies in your sidebar.

Dependencies in StatusPal can be used in two distinct ways:

Internal dependencies

Use "internal dependencies" to embed the status of one status page as a dependency of another. This can be useful to have on the status page act as a "status hub" and centralize the status of all your other relevant status pages in it.

status page internal dependency, status page hub, shared status page

Internal dependencies can also come in handy when you need to share the status of some services across different status pages. Placing those services in one status page and then using it as a dependency of the other status pages that need to share them.

External dependencies

Use external dependencies to display the status of your external SaaS providers like GCP, AWS, DigitalOcea, Github, etc. directly in your status page.

This way when your provider suffers an outage, this can be automatically reflexted in your status page, and we'll notify you about it.

This way, your customer will know you're on top of these external incidents even before you have to manually report them.

status page external SaaS provider service dependency

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