Subscriptions allow your customers and stakeholders to define what types of notifications they want to receive about your status page.

Enable subscriptions

By default, email and RSS subscription channels will be enabled on your status page. You can enable/disable subscription notification channels under Subscriptions > Settings.

When you have at least a subscription notification channel enabled, your status page visitors will see a "Subscribe" button at the top of your status page.

Subscribing to a status page

Upon clicking "Subscribe to updates," a modal is opened with all the possible notification channels as tabs.

Subscription filters

Filter notifications by incident type/severity

Subscribers have the option to choose what types of incidents and severity to get notifications about. For example, they might choose to get notifications only about major incidents or only about scheduled maintenance.

Filter notifications by service

Your subscribers can choose to receive notifications from incidents affecting any service in your status page by checking "All," or they can select exactly what services they want to get notifications about by checking "Select services" and then checking the services they care about.

Filter notifications to a specific incident

Subscribers can also choose to receive notifications only for a specific incident. In order to do this, they simply need to visit an incident report page on your status page and click on the "Subscribe to updates" button.

Multi-channel subscriptions

On the status page, visitors can select one notification channel when initially creating their subscription, but upon subscribing, they will receive a confirmation message with a link to manage their subscription; on this "subscription management" page, they can select multiple channels.

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