Atlassian Statuspage Importer

Import your Atlassian status page to StatusPal including it's settings, components, subscriptions, and incident history with one simple click.

Migrating from Atlassian Statuspage onto StatusPal couldn't be easier with our 1-click importer. Follow these two simple steps to get the following data imported from Statuspage:

  1. Services (Atlassian Statuspage's components).

  2. Incidents and maintenances.

  3. Email and SMS subscriptions.

1) Obtain your Atlassian Statuspage API key and page ID

Head over to your Atlassian Statuspage dashboard and click on API info from the top left menu:

Create a new Organization API key by clicking the Create key button. Copy the newly created API key and Page ID for the next step.

2) Use the 1-Click Atlassian Importer in StatusPal

Access the Atlassian Statuspage to StatusPal importer by signing up at (US) and (EU).

After signing up for a StatusPal account, the onboarding wizard should prompt you to create your status page. At the bottom, you will find the importer:

In the next screen, paste the API key from the previous step onto the "Statuspage user key" field and your Page ID onto the "Statuspage page ID" field.

Click on the "Import" button to start the import process. You will promptly receive an email with the status of your page import into StatusPal.

Get Help

Experience any issues with the 1-Click Importer? Shoot us an email at to get immediate help.

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