Private Status Page

Configure a status page to be restricted only to authenticated users or to specific network IPs.

In order to configure a status page to be private/restricted, you can configure it under your status page settings (Click on Status page in the sidebar) in the "Privacy" section.

Restrict by network IP

In the first text field, you can enter comma-separated list of IPs or IP ranges. Once configured, only those IPs in the list will have access to the status page.

Restrict access to members

Upon checking this checkbox (and clicking on Update), only members with permission to the status page will be able to visit it.

Unauthenticated users will be greeted by a "Sign-in" page which prevents access to the status page without authenticating.

In StatusPal, there is a especial member role called "Viewer" which grants a user viewing access to a status page or organization. Each subscription plan comes with as many viewer member as subscription seats, which makes StatusPal much more affordable than competitors.

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