Out-of-the-box monitoring

We can monitor your websites, applications, servers, and APIs out-of-the-box and automate incident reporting on your status page.

Enable StatusPal monitoring on any service in your StatusPal status page by editing or creating a new service, then select StatusPal monitoring under the "Monitoring and incident automation" section.

Once you enable "StatusPal monitoring" on a service, we'll ping the provided URL once per minute. If it goes down (returns a status different than 2xx) for more than 5 minutes, we'll notify somebody on your team (according to the "Notification recipients" setting).

Automatically create incident

If you check the "automatically create incident" checkbox, we'll create an incident affecting this service automatically and close it once the service is up again for at least two minutes.

Monitoring settings

  • HTTP method allows you to select what HTTP method should be used when our monitoring agent makes an HTTP request to your services once every minute.

  • Ping URL is the URL our monitoring agent will ping periodically to determine if this service is down or up.

  • HTTP headers allow you to customize the header that should be sent together with the periodic HTTP request to your service's ping URL.

Display response time chart

If you check this option, we'll automatically generate a "response time chart" based on your monitoring check and display it on your status page below your list of services.

Pause monitoring during maintenance

You can check this option to make your monitoring check aware of your scheduled maintenance windows on the status page. If a monitoring check starts failing during a planned maintenance window, we'll ignore the failing check.

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