Step 4 - Enable notifications

Configure what type of notifications should be sent when reporting incidents & maintenance

By default, the StatusPal status page comes with the following notification channels enabled:

  • Email. Sends carefully crafted emails to your subscribers when reporting incidents & maintenance.

  • RSS/Atom feed. Allows to subscribe via RSS client to the feed of incidents & maintenance.

  • Tweeting. Sends Tweets automatically to a specific Twitter account.

Configure your notification channels

You can turn on/off notification channels by visiting your Subscriptions > Settings page. If you deactivate all of them, the "Subscribe" button on your status page will disappear.

Create your first subscription

After enabling your notifications channels, your customers or stakeholders can subscribe to receive notifications from your status page.

This can be done either from the status page UI or the Admin UI, which you use to manage the status page.

Let's create a "test" subscription for you to receive a notification and see for yourself what it looks like.

Head over to the Subscriptions page from the sidebar and click on New subscription:

New subscription

You can enable multiple channels in one subscription, but only the ones you enabled in the previous step will be selectable.

For this test, Email would be enough. So, enter your email address and click on Create.

Now, whenever you report an incident in the next step, you should be able to get a notification.

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