Auto-maintenance notifications

Automatically notify before, on start, and completion of your status page maintenance windows.

When scheduling a planned maintenance on your status page, you'll probably want to notify your subscribers not only when it starts but also sometime before and once it's been completed.

StatusPal makes this quite easy, thanks to auto-maintenance notifications!

Enable auto-maintenance notifications

Enable and customize auto-maintenance notifications by clicking Subscriptions > Settings in the sidebar of your status page admin dashboard.

You can decide if you want to notify your subscribers sometime before the maintenance starts, immediately upon reporting it, or not at all.

You can also choose to notify them at the start and end of the maintenance window.

If you change the auto-maintenance notification settings, you might have to update any maintenance that you reported before and review its notification settings.

Send auto-maintenance notifications

Once you've enabled auto-maintenance notifications at your status page level, and made sure the settings are as you want them, you can start sending notifications automatically from your status page maintenance.

When creating a maintenance, make sure to check the "Notify subscribers." If you click on the Configure → link below, you can override the auto-maintenance notifications settings for this specific maintenance.

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