StatusPal supports 10+ languages by default—also out-of-the-box AI-powered multi-language status pages.

StatusPal is the better status page alternative for companies that are serious about supporting multiple languages.

Our powerful multi-language implementation allows you to easily communicate about your incidents & maintenance in any number of languages and to translate every field down to your notifications.

Enable multi-language

Enabling multi-language in StatusPal is very simple. Just click on the Languages link in the sidebar.

By default, English is used when no other language has been configured.

Upon clicking on New language, you'll see our powerful language editor. You can select any language from the list, and if we already have a translation for it, that will be loaded; otherwise, English will be used.

To enable multi-language, simply configure two or more languages on this page.

Multi-language incidents, services, and more

Upon enabling multi-language, you'll have the ability to report your incidents, maintenance, and information notices in multiple languages. A new tab will appear above the fields that support multi-language, like the incident title, for example:

Fields that support multi-language

  • Incident and maintenance

  • Information notices

  • Custom incident types

  • Services

  • Incident templates

  • Some status page fields like company name and header logo text.

AI-powered translations

Thanks to AI, StatusPal supports the auto-translation of the above fields. Simply leave a field without translation, and we'll translate it for you!

You can enable/disable AI-powered auto translations for your status page under your status page advanced settings.

You can access your status page's advanced settings by clicking on Status page > Settings from the sidebar, then scrolling down and expanding the "Advanced" section.

Custom app translations with inline YAML editor

The inline YAML text editor allows for easy customization of any translation language in order for it to fit your needs.

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