Import email subscribers

Bulk import email subscribers to your status page.

StatusPal lets you easily import email subscribers to your status page from a CVS file.

Click on Subscriptions from the sidebar of your status page admin console.

On the Subscriptions page, you'll find a button "Import subscribers", when clicking it, you'll see a modal:

You have two options when importing email subscribers:

Import with a confirmation email

If you check the "Send confirmation email to subscribers" checkbox, we'll send a confirmation email to all the email subscribers from your CSV, and they will be required to click on the confirmation link they receive in their email in order to start receiving email notifications.

Importing without a confirmation email

In this case, you won't check the checkbox above, and your imported subscribers will immediately start to receive notifications.

This option requires that you configure an email integration like SMTP, Mailgun, Sendgrid, etc., unless you're a Business or Enterprise customer.

If you're a Business or Enterprise customer and want to email imported subscribers without email confirmation, please reach out to us.

The CSV file format

You can download an example CSV file by clicking on the respective link at the bottom of the modal. There, you can see what the format of the CSV you upload should follow.

The following columns are currently supported:

  • Email should be a valid email address.

  • Incident ID: If the subscriber should receive notifications only about an specific incident, place its ID in this column. Should not be used in combination with Service IDs.

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