Learn about StatusPal hosted status pages & monitoring.

StatusPal is a platform for CTOs, DevOps/SRE, and Support teams that enable you to effectively communicate about incidents, maintenance, and system status in general to your customers and stakeholders.

StatusPal status pages can be public or private, and they support full design customization and branding with a custom domain.

Enable your customers to subscribe to your status page to receive real-time incident & maintenance notifications exactly where they are (Email, Slack, SMS, Slack, Google Chat, MS Teams, Google Calendar, and more).

What problems does StatusPal solve?

StatusPal helps with every step in the incident communication lifecycle:

  1. Keep your customers informed during outages to increase trust.

  2. Reduce support burden thanks to proactive incident communication.

  3. Save time during each incident by automating the incident communication process.

  4. Showcase reliability with a centralized status dashboard.

What is a status page?

A status page is a website, separate from your main website and infrastructure, that your customer can visit in the event that you experience any technical issues with your product or service.

Your customers and stakeholders of your product or services can subscribe to receive notifications on your status page. These notifications can go through various channels like Email, SMS, Slack, Google Chat, MS Teams, and more.

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  3. Visit StatusPal's Blog to read about new features and DevOps/SRE topics.

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