Access Groups/Audience Specific

Access groups allow you to configure your private status page to adapt according to the audience visiting it.

You might have a status page with some services that should be visible to some customers, while other services should be visible to others, and admins should have the ability to manage all of them.

This comes particularly handy when you need to communicate incidents and maintenance to different customers, while in some cases some incidents or maintenance might affect multiple of their systems at once.

This can be achieved by configuring access groups for a private status page. You can access this feature by clicking on Members > Access groups from the sidebar of your status page.


The following are the requirements to use Access Groups:

  1. You have invited your customers or stakeholders to your private status page as "viewer members" so they can access your status page.

Once the above is in place, visit Members > Access groups and click on "New access group".

You can select what services this group should have access to and who should be part of this group, granting them access to the selected services.

Any viewer member visiting your status page will only be able to see and subscribe to the services they have assigned to them via an access group.

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