Design Customization

Thanks to the live preview designer and custom CSS/HMTL, you can design your status page to fit your brand and any custom needs.

Access your status page's Design settings by clicking on Status page > Design from the sidebar.

Our full-screen, live-preview-enabled designer tool allows you to make changes and see them take effect side by side in real-time, enabling you to quickly personalize your status page design to suit your needs.

Basic fields


Header logo text

The text displayed in your logo in the status page's header.

Public company name

You can override your company or project name displayed in your status page's footer.


Upload a logo to be used in the header.


Upload a favicon.

Header background

Upload an image to be used as the background for the header.

Theme options

You can select from two themes currently:

  • Default: The theme is based on a standard top navigation bar.

  • Big logo: Display a larger logo as well as a bigger background image.

You can personalize a couple of colors based on the theme you select:

System status colors

You can also customize the colors used to communicate the different system statuses on your status page.

Custom CSS

If the above theme options are not enough, leverage the full power of CSS to customize every style of your status page.

Custom HTML

If customizing CSS doesn't cut it, it might be time to pull out the big guns. Configure custom HTML header and footer for your status page.

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